We are committed to QUALITY…

When it comes to quality, we never make compromises. Working with JMP Electronics means you will have access to the best products/services on the market, for the most convenient price. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and will respond vigorously to change. Each of us is responsible for the quality of the work we perform.

We ensure CUSTOMER satisfaction …

Customers are the life and blood of any business. Therefore, our solely goal is to make sure they are fully satisfied with what they get. Through everything we do in electronic manufacturing, we work hard to exceed their expectations when it comes to:

  • affordability;
  • quality;
  • timely delivery.

Prosper customer respect derives from carefully listening to their requests and making sure their expectations are perfectly fulfilled. This is what JMP is all about – 100% customer satisfaction.
We promote individual and brand LEADERSHIP …
JMP’s leadership was built bit by bit by each member of our team. By effectively applying advanced technology, innovative manufacturing and sound business management, we easily managed to add more value at lower cost. Competence, creativity and teamwork are three key qualities of our leadership premises.

We adhere to INTEGRITY in everything we do…

We are each personally accountable for the highest work ethics, including honesty and professionalism. We fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and employees. We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.

We value our PEOPLE…

We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions generated by the diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continuous accomplishments are the result of quality training and personal development of each member of our staff. We are committed to open communication and trust based relationships in order to reach the highest performances.

We consider SUPPLIERS a vital part of our business…

We owe our suppliers the same type of respect that we show to our customers. Our electronic manufacturing suppliers deserve an equitable treatment, clear agreements and honest feedback on performance.

Our Five Key Internal Standards

1. Live the Company Values
We all have the company values listed on the back of our badges—Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Integrity, People, Suppliers. In everything we do, we act with integrity, because this is the only way we accept doing business. We want everyone who works with JMP to understand that we don’t take short cuts – we like doing things the right way!
2. Focus on Delivering Excellence 24/7
JMP functions according to set work strategies and quality standards. We always focus on program performance for ensuring the full operating and financial potential of our company.
3. Always on time, no exceptions
JMP has evolved tremendously in electronic assembly solutions since foundation. The expansion lead to new responsibilities and new challenges, but we always adjusted our workflow for operating in a timely manner. Acting with agility and professionalism, avoiding bureaucratic delays has taken us on top of our contract manufacturing competitors. We may be perceived as a “small company”, but our personalized approach to the customers’ needs, the dedication to each project and fast-paced operations have helped us reach new heights and strengthen the Northrop Grumman name.
4. Open Communication
We want good news to travel fast and bad news to travel even faster up the line. We need to be mindful of the importance of acknowledging problems as well as breakthroughs when it comes to electronic manufacturing. The sooner we identify a problem, the easier it is for us to focus all of our resources and manpower to solve it.
5. Effective Teamwork
JMP’s power comes from the extended talent base we work with. By cooperating and sharing our knowledge at various mechanical assembly levels and departments, we can achieve new performances and grow as professionals.