General Sevices

JMP Electronics, Inc. provides services for a large range of contract manufacturing requirements.
Based on the customer’s


specifications or written documentation, we can assist them when it comes to project/product development from design and prototype, to full scale manufacturing on either a consigned or turnkey basis. Our employees will dedicate the utmost attention when handling the customer’s outsourcing needs, working with ease and professionalism.

  • The technical team, along with the electronic design team will work together to support the customer with product design or required changes.
  • We work closely with your staff, creating an effective and timely response.
  • Our facility can effortlessly provide simultaneous outputs for many products in a time frame that meets the most demanding requirements.

JMP is a full service manufacturer of medical, commercial and industrial electronics, including:

* Leaded and RoHAS Technology

* Thru-Hole PCB assembling

* SM PCB Outsourcing

* Cable assembling and Testing

*  Final Assembling

* PCB and Final product testing

* Burn-In Testing

* Low to mid volume manufacturing

* Custom packing, Warehouse Stocking and Shipping

* GMP Certified * ISO 13485 compliant

* Follow IPC A 610 Standards

JMP Electronics on the cutting edge…

JMP Electronics is able to compete even more effectively in the global marketplace through the close collaboration with California MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership). We have added consultation and training services that have greatly improved our efficiency and helped us obtain an array of international certifications.

  • Utilize the principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Preparing to become ISO 13485 ** certified
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