For many contract manufacturing providers, there is an ever-persistent dilemma between balancing efficiency with quality. While that may be the case in traditional mechanical assembly settings, JMP Electronics has been able to achieve both goals simultaneously through the use of lean practices and mindsets. Consequently, this has created added value for customers with fewer resources.

Using the advanced lean thinking strategies, we successfully managed to optimize our operations and electronic manufacturing. Therefore, we started improving vertical departments (including equipment, assets)

in order to create a chain reaction and boost the productivity in vertical departments (including flow of products and services), finally reaching the customers.

Here at JMP Electronics, we know how to push ourselves to the limit of excellence. We start by eliminating and loses along the value streams, then we focus on setting up operations that require less human efforts, less space, lower expenses and less time. However, “less” does not equal “lower quality”, because we manage to deliver better products and services at far less costs and with fewer flaws, compared to traditional production systems. Our company is thus able to respond in a timely manner to any requirements with flexibility, high quality and affordable pricing. Information management becomes simple, accurate and highly effective, in mechanical assembly, generating positive outcomes on both parties.

When your company’s operations revolve around efficiency to begin with, it’s easy to identify ways of maintaining quality levels while improving overall productivity. Assessing the entire production environment and enabling it to completely rework operations for boosting efficiency is like a second nature for JMP Electronics.

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