Our Mission

Our main mission at JMP Electronics is to exceed the customers’ expectations through outstanding products and exceptional services. We seek to understand our customers’ needs across a broad spectrum of contract manufacturing services while delivering customized solutions for each unique demand.

Someone said that “Listening is an art”. Well, here at JMP, we have taken this saying even further by carefully listening to each of our customers’ unique needs. We work closely to help them reach their goals by consistently maintaining high standards of quality, delivery, price, technical support, and flexibility of manufacturing scheduling. In addition, cost control if one of our main concerns. We aim to control costs so that we may offer our customers an outstanding product at a fair price. We remain committed to 100% customer satisfaction, no matter the circumstances.

We proudly operate a manufacturing facility that stimulates personal growth and provides employment security. Every member of the team contributes to the overall success of our mechanical assembly. We foster teamwork, mutual respect, personal accountability, goodwill, and a sense of belonging to the team.

We try to improve our local community and to protect the environment by adhering to the highest industry standards. We serve the needs of our local community by continuously improving our electronic assembly solutions. Therefore, we became part of the local economy and part of the world’s contract manufacturing community. We acknowledge and embrace our goals, adhering to ethical business practices while working toward successfully completing our mission.

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