About Us

JMP Electronics, Inc. is a high quality contract manufacturing company that provides assembly solutions for customers in many diverse sectors of industry including audio recording industry, and consumer and industrial electronics.

We are a full service contract manufacturer that provides material acquisition, circuit board assembly, mechanical assembly, electrical test services and turn-key product delivery.

Started in Stanton California in 1993 in a small warehouse as a P.C.B. assembler, eventually we evolved to full box product manufacturer in 1998 when we started assembling all Mondial Design production of Home Audio decoders, Preamps, and Power Amps.

Today, our 12,000 sq. ft. facility featuring state of the art equipment, ensuring impeccable productivity and enabling us to produce top quality products for the electronics industry. Long-term supply chain reliability is properly maintained through solid relationships with our suppliers and financial stability.

Our Goal

Here at JMP Electronics we strive to build trust-based relationships with our clients and suppliers by providing exceptional product quality and customer support. Our experience in electronic assembly solutions is the core of our business. Without a doubt, our team of professionals is committed to adhere to extensive manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, and management experience. Along the years, such qualities have helped JMP Electronics Inc. build a solid reputation as a leader in electronics manufacturing.

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